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In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Director: Dr. Ahmad Hosseini (more information)
Manager: Dr. Robabe Taheri Panah
Technical Manager of Embryology: Dr. Somayeh Keshavarzi
Technical manager of IVF: Dr. Elhamosadat Mirhashemi
Head Nurse: Mrs. Mahnaz Jamshidi

The Infertility and Genetics (IVF) unit with the most experienced physicians in various specialties like gynecology, embryology, urology, genetics, and nutrition as well as several years of useful experience and successful history at this hospital, is ready to provide high-quality services to our valued patients. This center is a pioneer in the country and aims to implement innovative technology for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility by offering complete diagnostic methods and high-quality care based on ethical standards as well as patient satisfaction.
This center carries out care activities in four main areas which are promoted in order to treat infertile patients and also to fulfill their hopes of having children:
  • Specialty treatment for infertility to help and maintain fertility, including microinjection (ICSI), In vitro fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine sperm insemination (IUI), freezing of eggs, sperm, and embryos as well as the freezing of ovarian and testicular tissue
  • Specialty treatment for patients with recurrent miscarriage
  • Nutrition therapy for infertility
  • Diagnosis of genetic abnormalities and prediction of fetal sex prior to embryo transfer (PGD) Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
The members of the Genetics and Infertility Care department are nationally and internationally recognized as scholars with scientific and proven experience in this field and also have been selected from the best specialists in the country. In this department, we try to overcome challenges and to pave the way for success through the use of modern world technology, equipment, and consumables, as well as to address treatment problems and deficiencies for patients who have tried unsuccessfully for years. We can also proudly claim that the success rate of the IVF unit is among the Highest IVF Success Rates in the world.
IVF Operating Rooms
This unit has 2 operating rooms equipped with modern anesthesia and cardiopulmonary monitors, which are supervised by anesthesiologists, anesthesia technicians, and nurses. Besides, the recovery room with 15 beds is adjacent to the IVF operating room, and outpatients will be discharged in full consciousness and under the supervision of an anesthesiologist and a physician.
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