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Erfan Hospitals Group

Erfan Group has established principal corporate objectives to give a structured, consistent and concentrated focus to its efforts. The objectives are in line with ‘international standards’, which evolved in recognition of the tremendous collective effort of all staff during the COVID pandemic. The vision is ‘We provide compassionate care with our community, in our community. In the delivery, planning and reforming of its services, all staff are guided by the core values of compassion, openness, respect and excellence.’ Our ‘Values for All’ are consistent across all health and social care organisations so, we work together for the best outcome for people we care for and support. In Erfan organisations, we are sensitive, caring, respectful and understanding towards those we care for and support and our colleagues. We listen carefully to others to better understand and take action to help them and ourselves.

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 Dr.Mehdi Nikoubakht -MD, Neurosurgeon, Associated professor IUMS
  Dr.Mehdi Nikoubakht -MD, Neurosurgeon, Associated professor IUMS
Dr. Setareh Akhavan: What Everyone Should Know About Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Dr. Setareh Akhavan |

Erfan Niayesh Hospital

Diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional procedures of pulmonology group

Dr. Arda Kiani explains about different types of endoscopy, preparation, procedure, and available facilities at Erfan Niayesh hospital.

Surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR)
Surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR) with The INSPIRIS RESILIA aortic valve   Treatment: Dr. Seyed Khalil F...
Sleep Disorders Clinic

Erfan Niayesh Hospital

Cervical and lumbar discectomy

Dr. Ali Aram

Neck and spine disc surgery, also known as cervical and lumbar discectomy, is a surgical procedure that involves removing a portion of the herniated or ruptured disc that is causing nerve compression and pain.

Erfan Niayesh Hospital

Tracheal stent removal

The metallic stent was removed from the trachea by Dr. Arda Kiani.

Erfan Niayesh Hospital

Patient satisfaction and service excellence award winning at nineteenth National conference

Dr. Mohammad Rezvan Nobahar
|C.E.O of Erfan Salamat Medical Services
|Erfan Niayesh Hospital

Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Shervin Momeni

Erfan Niayesh hospital

Erfan Salamat Medical Services

Erfan Salamat Medical Services

The Erfan Salamat Medical Services company is ready to provide services with almost two decades of valuable experience at the Erfan Saadatabad and Erfan Niayesh hospitals. This group aims to develop a new approach by offering health care services based on meeting individual needs at home.

Patients and families will benefit from the services of Erfan Salamat Home as follows:

  • Transferring patients from intensive care units to home is cost-effective

  • Significantly reduce infection and other hospital complications which extend treatment duration.

  • Significant amount of time and money will be saved (due to family visits)

  • Hospital treatment and ancillary costs are reduced by transporting patients home, as complications can arise during the transfer of patients to the hospital.

  • Patients have the opportunity to choose their particular nurse.

  • The benefits of in-home hospital services offered by Erfan Salamat include the provision of all medical, nursing, assistance and private care services, with the potential to meet the needs of individuals.

  • Erfan Salamat provides hospital-level services in patient homes by using modern technologies and equipment provided by Erfan hospitals.

Contact Private Nursing office: +982172948

World Hand Hygiene Day 2022
Unite for safety: clean your hands
World Health Organization
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