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Manager: Dr. Mahshid Bahreyni (more information)
Head Nurse: Mrs. Azita Arefian

The Labor and Delivery unit provides 24-hour care services under the supervision of a resident obstetrician and also two resident midwives. This unit is located on the third floor, adjacent to the gynecological surgery unit and the NICU, where all midwives who are providing care services have completed childbirth physiological courses.

In this center, there are two rooms that are fully equipped with the best LDR equipment, as well as two rooms dedicated to the preparation of pregnant mothers, a triage area, a fully equipped operating room, and a recovery room.
Pregnant mothers are admitted to this unit through one of the following methods:
  1. Through the emergency unit where the resident midwife goes to the bedside of the pregnant mother and then transfer her to the labor and delivery unit.
  2. Through direct admission in the labor and delivery unit, where the pregnant mother is transferred into the unit after the initial triage (with considerations of Covid-19).
In emergency cases, pregnant mothers are immediately visited by a resident obstetrician, and procedures like pregnancy monitoring, fetal movement reduction, blood pressure control, NST, etc. are also performed in this unit.
Facilities and equipment of labor and delivery unit:
  • Central suction and oxygen
  • Triage room equipped with gynecological bed and simple bed
  • NST device
  • Portable and fixed vital signs monitor
  • LDR room equipped with spa tub
Painless delivery facilities include:
  • Entonox gas
  • Incense burner for aromatherapy
  • Tense device
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Sound therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hot and cold compresses
  • Exercise mats and balls
  • Possibility of providing exercise and breathing traction, relaxation
  • Delivery of 24-hour epidural and spinal anesthesia methods 7 days a week with the most experienced anesthesiologists and the constant presence of anesthesia technicians.
  • Operating room and recovery
  • 2 sialectic lights
  • Preeclampsia room which is equipped with a preeclampsia set
  • LDR beds
  • Maternity, epidural and spinal sets
  • Bleeding set and all bleeding control medications
  • Ventouse Device
  • ECG device
  • Baby ventilator
  • Blender machine
  • Adult code trolley with an electroshock device
  • Baby resuscitation trolley 
  • Baby resuscitation bed 
  • Serum infusion pump 
  • Syringe adjustment pump


Birth Certificate Guide
  • After the baby is born, the secretary of the gynecological surgery unit goes to the mother's room and gives her the document required for issuing the birth certificate. 
  • The original national card of the parents should be delivered to the Labor and Delivery unit.
  • The postal code should be provided when pregnant mothers are being admitted.
  • The birth certificate is issued every day from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. after review of the identity documents by the relevant midwife.
  • The issued birth certificate is only granted to the parents of the baby.
  • Signature and fingerprint are taken from the child's father in the relevant birth certificate office, and then parents will be introduced to the register and identification centers on the basis of their home address.
  • Dear parents, please refer to the register and identification centers 15 days after the issuance of the birth certificate 
Please note:
We would not be able to continue to issue birth certificates, if parents do not provide(or have) birth certificates. 
Please note that other types of ID cards are not suitable for this process either.
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