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Pharmacotherapy and Pharmaceutical Care

Director of Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmacotherapy Department: Dr. Seyed Gholamreza Fanaei (more information)
 Manager and Technical Manager of the pharmacy: Dr. Yasman Parvisi (more information) 

The Pharmacy of Erfan Niayesh hospital provides medicine and medical supplies to patients in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. In this center, prescriptions are reviewed by experienced pharmacists, and necessary medicines are provided directly to various wards in the hospital as well as patients.
The pharmacy of this center will support and provide patients with rare medicines. In addition to providing these services, medical staff and clients are also consulted and informed about the medicines available in the official Iranian pharmacopeia.
  • Supply of advanced and rare medicines
  • Verifies prescriptions
  • Orthopedic products
  • Dietary, nutritional, herbal, and slimming supplements approved by the Ministry of Health
  • Provide skin, hair, nails, and beauty care products
  • Medicines combination with high-quality materials approved by the Ministry of Health for skin and hair
  • Free skin and hair consultation


Pharmacist duties inside the Hospital Pharmacy:

  • Legal, scientific and ethical review of prescriptions
  • Preparation of medical records for inpatients and follow-up of medications
  • Ensure the safety, quality, and efficacy of the medicines prescribed
  • Provide information and consultation for therapeutic teams
  • Communication and consultation with physicians and other therapeutic teams
  • Detailed information and medication instructions are offered to patients upon discharge from the hospital
  • Proper preparation and packaging of combination and galenic medicines
  • Preparation, preservation, and supply of biotechnological and biological products in proper conditions
  • Participate in epidemiological studies
  • Participate in the preparation of the hospital Formulary (List of medicines)
  • Providing medical and health equipment and also providing the necessary information and support
  • Economics and Management of Pharmacotherapy
  • Participate in vocational training as well as social education programs
  • Provide information on the preparation, storage, delivery, and taking radioactive medicine
  • Preparation of single-dose medicines and pharmaceutical products for hospital wards
  • Preparation of injectable Setron and non-injectable products when necessary
  • Establish a drug treatment committee at the hospital
  • Active participation in drug treatment committees in the hospital wards
  • Monitoring the distribution and taking medications inside the hospital
  • Provide toxicology and poisoning information
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) 
  • Execution of clinical trials (medicinal)
  • Preparation and maintenance of necessary medicines
  • Collecting and reviewing side effects data

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