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The Erfan Niayesh Specialty Group of Neurology with the most experienced specialists in this field, is ready to provide high-quality services to patients.
Neurology (neurological diseases) is a special field of medicine that diagnoses and treats diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. The nervous system is a complex and very distinct network that generates an impression of the surrounding reality, enables us to know each other, and also carry out all our activities. The nervous system is responsible for responses, sensation, movement, emotions, and communication. The human nervous system is one of the most important parts of the body which affects other parts of the body as well, in other words, it organizes, regulates, and commands other parts. Therefore, it is a very specialized task that can only be conducted by a neurologist with sufficient experience to identify, diagnose and treat neurological disorders. Due to similar symptoms of several neurological disorders, the neurologist should be able to exactly identify and differentiate diseases through the medical history of patients. advanced testing, and detailed observations.
The nervous system has two main parts:
  • The central nervous system includes the brain, cerebellum, and spinal cord.
  • The peripheral nervous system consists of the peripheral neuron connecting the brain and spinal cord to other organs and muscles.
The symptoms of the disease will affect the nervous system, depending on which part of the nervous system is affected, a neurologist with sufficient knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, and function of the nervous system and its complex connections, can reliably diagnose and evaluate the causes of the disease or dysfunction. 
The neurologists at this center conduct the necessary treatment with proper diagnosis and screening of neurological disorders through the neurologic and paraclinical examinations such as the brain and spinal cord medical photography methods such as MRI, CT scan of the brain, Doppler ultrasound (sonography) of the cerebral and cervical arteries (carotids), EEG (electroencephalography) and electromyography,
The most important neurological diseases are as follows​:
  1. Various types of headache
  2. Back pain
  3. Convulsions and epilepsy
  4. Cerebrovascular disease (strokes)
  5. Vertigo
  6. Sleep Disorder
  7. Disorders of memory, Alzheimer's, and other causes
  8. Movement disorders include Parkinson's disease and a variety of hand and head tremors
  9. Speech and language disorders
  10. Spinal diseases include the lower back and neck
  11. Various types of peripheral nervous disorders include neuropathies with symptoms such as tingling, cramping, and numbness of the limbs
  12. Various types of muscle diseases include inflammatory myopathies (muscle weakness) that are congenital or acquired.
  13. Diseases involving the central nervous system myelin membrane, such as M.S. Neuralgia (severe pain in the peripheral nervous system and infectious diseases such as meningitis and cerebral encephalitis)
The facilities and equipment in this hospital for neurological diagnosis includes:
  1. Philips 1/5 Tesla MRI system capable of capturing precise and clear images of all regions of the brain and nerves.
  2. Philips CT scanner (16 spiral slices) for rapid and emergency diagnosis of neurological diseases, in particular cerebral hemorrhages.
  3. LTM (long-term video-EEG monitoring) devices for recording and storing accurate brain activity for a long time, along with patient videos, particularly for the treatment of seizure or epilepsy patients. These are highly accurate for seizure differentiation and are manufactured in the USA and Italy.
  4. EEG devices are routines for electroencephalography of outpatients ad these devices are manufactured in Japan and have a high diagnostic ability.
  5. Electromyographic device (EMG, NCV) or nerve and muscle tape to diagnose neuromuscular diseases as well as the involvement or injury of the roots of the spinal nerves of the neck and back with high precision and efficiency (made in Japan).
  6. (Cerebrovascular) Transcranial Doppler ultrasound (TCD)
  7. VEP device to stimulate the optic nerve and monitor its visual activity or potential


Erfan Niayesh Specialists:

  1. Dr. Parviz Bahrami (more information)
  2. Dr. Tifa Yektanejad
  3. Dr. Sahar Hafari
  4. Dr. Hamidreza Rokhsat Yazdi
  5. Dr. Hassan Akbari
  6. Dr. Mehran Homay Nikfar
  7. Dr. Behnam Jobe Dari
  8. Dr. Hassan Ali Zakeri
  9. Dr. Soroush Ehsan


Neurologists are available at the hospital as follows:
  • Neurology clinic: six days a week from Saturday to Thursday | morning and evening
  • (On-Call) neurological examination, visits, treatment, and, if necessary, hospitalization of patients
  • LTM (long-term video-EEG monitoring) Ward


Please contact the following numbers to request LTM and to get more information about the LTM ward:
+982149796557 +989392683455
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