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Radiology and Medical Photography


Director: Dr. Toktam Beheshtian (more information)
Technical Director: Dr. Babak Setayeshpour (more information)
Manager: Mr. Mehdi Azargoun (more information)

The Radiology and Medical Photography unit offers 24-hour services under the supervision of specialists and is ready to provide modern and advanced services with PHILIPS medical devices and equipment, some of which are used for the first time in Iran. This center is equipped with the Ingenia 5 MRI machine (1.5T) with unique features such as non-injection angiography and In-Bore Experience (to minimize patient anxiety and fear), provides medical photography as well as biopsy-sampling (even for overweight patients/over 100 kg). Besides, the MicroDose digital mammography with features like a 50% low-dose radiation exposure for our patients, highest resolution, and identifying 50 microns microcalcifications is also available. This is the only device with a 15-bit image depth characteristic that can improve image contrast and offers a more reliable and accurate diagnosis for physicians, digital radiology, fluoroscopy, and bone densitometry (BDM),
The MRI machine with a power of 1.5 Tesla performs simple and challenging photography for various parts of the body including the brain, spine, abdomen, pelvis, joints, organs, and also MR angiography, MR arthrography, MR urography, endorectal MRI for a detailed examination of the prostate and pelvic masses, MRI mammography for a detailed examination of breast disease, and whole-body MRI for the examination of metastasis and diagnosis of its stage.
The CT-Scan machine has a multi-detector spiral system. This technology is capable of generating high-quality 3D images, including CT angiography of all blood vessels in the body, as well as the probability of conducting virtual colonoscopy, virtual bronchoscopy, and HRCT at 1 mm thin sections for accurate and reliable diagnosis and treatment.
The medical photography center conducts simple and challenging radiology with accurate digital radiology and fluoroscopy machine. Besides, the digital radiology machine is one of the advantages of this center, as it is quite effective in providing accurate medical photography services.
Sonography can be helpful to diagnose various abnormalities like obstetrics, gynecological, neurological, skin, liver, and cardiac disorders (sonotherapy). Thos center with the advanced sonography machine has provided the possibility of a two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and four-dimensional body photography, sonography and color flow Doppler Sonography for vascular lesion diagnosis.
Mammography is a specialized medical photography method that uses a low-dose x-ray system to see through the breasts. The digital mammography scanner is ready to provide a reliable diagnosis of breast disorders with the possibilities of magnification and breast biopsy marker.
Interventional radiology
This center is one of the best centers where intervention procedures are offered and CT scans as well as sonography procedures such as biopsy, FNA, drainage, nephrostomy, nerve block, etc., vascular intervention procedures including angiography and port placement, liver biopsy through the jugular vein and tumor embolism, are conducted under the supervision of radiology experts.
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