Skin Hair Laser and Cosmetic Clinic

Skin Hair Laser and Cosmetic Clinic

Head Nurse: Mrs. Mina Rahimi

Contact Numbers:  02149796265 and 02149796266 

The Skin Hair Laser and Cosmetic Clinic with qualified technicians and modern equipment in line with international standards offer effective health and beauty services to our valued patients. The quality of our services and customer satisfaction are considered to be our top priorities.

Some of the most common Beauty care services are as follows: 

  1. The American Kendall device 2017 removes unwanted hair with the combination of two Alexandrite and Nd yag lasers for fluffy or thick hair types. This process is done with a 3-phase cooling spray and minimal discomfort without any side effects.
  2. Hair, eyebrow, and beard transplantation
  3. Lipomatic or sculpture, lipolysis, liposuction under the supervision of a surgeon and anesthesiologist in the operating room of the Erfan Niayesh Hospital.
  4. Pain-free laser treatment for moles and skin lesions
  5. Laser Removal for pigmented skin lesions, freckles, sun spots, aging spots, and tattoos
  6. Skin rejuvenation and collagen stimulation, skin lift and firming, removal of laughter lines and wrinkles under the eyes with laser and American Dynamis device version 2017
  7. Laser removal of scars, pimples, open skin pores, and other skin imperfections 
  8. Botox Dysport injection by an ophthalmologist and also reduce sweating with Botox
  9. Botox Dysport injection by an ophthalmologist and also reduce sweating with Botox
  10. Gel injection by the surgeon
  11. Thread Lift
  12. Microdermabrasion with moisturizing masks and skin massage
  13. Platelet Rich Plasma-PRP
  14. Mesotherapy
  15. Laser removal of dryness, looseness, and vaginal rejuvenation
  16. Slimming and beauty acupuncture to prevent hair loss and hair regrowth
  17. Various types of cosmetic surgeries are conducted with a professional team of plastic surgeons in the general operating room
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