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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Manager: Dr. Ali Molouki (more information)

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation unit is prepared to provide inpatient services including physiotherapist visits to patients' bedsides and required medical care services. This center also provides outpatient care services like physiotherapy, technical orthopedic, speech therapy, and swallowing disorder. 
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit with built-in electrotherapy cabins and advanced equipment offers the following services:
  1. Full electrotherapy (treatment of skeletal and muscular lesions, arthritis, and cervical or lumbar discs)
  2. High power and low power lasers (treatment for lumbar lesions, pain, acute and chronic inflammation)
  3. Magnet therapy (treatment of joint lesions, shooting pains, and neuropathy, etc.)
  4. Biofeedback (treatment of weakened pelvic floor muscle before and after childbirth, urinary, and fecal incontinence)
  5. Shockwave therapy (treatment of heel spurs, inflammation of the soles of the feet, calcium deposition and shoulder pain, etc.)
  6. Mechanotherapy (The first and only rehabilitation facility for professional athletes named "Kineo" with the advanced technology and equipment for sports injury care)
  7. Physiotherapy treatment at home (Since many patients are not able to visit the physiotherapy center due to their medical condition, physiotherapy services such as fractures, strokes, neuromuscular disorders will be performed by specialists at the patient's house)
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Erfan Niayesh Hospital with the best medical team and the use of advanced surgical facilities is one of the main centers for cardiac surgery and the number of patients referred to this center for cardiac (open-heart) surgery is substantially higher than other centers.
Neuro Rehabilitation
This center with experienced medical teams and advanced robotic technology provides treatment to patients who have undergone brain surgery, spinal tumors, and stroke. The team is offering therapy from the early stages to the advanced stages.
Urinary incontinence and Biofeedback in women
The treatment of biofeedback incontinence relies on comprehensive studies conducted at the National Institutes of Health of the United States, suggesting that urinary incontinence symptoms decreased on average from 75% to 80%.
Biofeedback helps to treat urinary incontinence and will teach patients to control, strengthen, and empower pelvic floor muscles, which all play an important role in bladder control. This treatment can help patients with pressure sores and urinary incontinence, in these patients, muscles cannot tolerate pressure such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, and lifting, resulting in urine leakage. In this form of incontinence, the patient repeatedly encounters a sudden and intense urge to urinate. Biofeedback will teach you how to train those muscle groups to control urination. Besides, recent studies suggest that biofeedback will minimize urinary incontinence and improve control of the bladder in 94 percent of cases.
Professional physiotherapists are providing high-quality physiotherapy services in this center which is considered as the most important aspect for inpatients. This center conducts a significantly high number of orthopedic, neurosurgery, and spine surgeries, and this center has brought together the most experienced physiotherapists to offer quality services to the patients in this regard.
Technical orthopedic unit
The technical orthopedic unit is a knowledge-based center with academic staff, which is one of the most reliable centers in the country. The center utilizes the latest equipment in the world and customized productions of orthoses and insoles for inpatients and outpatients are provided for the first time in Iran.


Massage Therapy

This center offers a variety of massage services under the supervision of a physiotherapist and physical education specialist who also holds a degree in sports massage therapy from the Federation of Sports Medicine.
Massage stimulates the body to produce hormones such as dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, etc., contributing to pain relief, vitality, happiness, and energy. Massage therapy improves the quality of life and reduces pain due to fibromyalgia (pain in muscles and joints). Massage Therapy for Seniors is also available to relieve joint pain and muscle inflammation and even constipation.
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