Day Care

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Day Care

Manager: Dr. Reza Pourmazar (more information)
Head Nurse: Mrs. Anahita Gharaei

The Day Care ward (ward no.8) of Erfan Niayesh Hospital is developed and designed to minimize the length of hospitalization and also to reduce treatment costs for patients. This ward has 31 beds equipped with cardiopulmonary monitoring, suction, emergency trolley, and multi-fold beds which are placed in four separate halls.

Patients with minor surgical procedures such as interventional procedures in a variety of fields such as radiology, urology, cosmetics, plastics, reconstructive, general surgery, gynecology, and chemotherapy are admitted to this center, and the preparation, surgery, and post-operative medical care services of such patients are also conducted.

Ward 8 is divided in a way that two halls are dedicated to female patients, one hall is considered for male patients, and one hall is provided for chemotherapy patients. The Day Care ward with experienced nursing staff provides high-quality care services that have been contributed significantly to a very high level of patient satisfaction.

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