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Hospital at Home
Care Services at home as offered in the hospital 

Private care services
Nursing is developed to provide care to sick or healthy individuals, in all ages, families, groups, and communities, and in all environments and places, individually or in partnership with other members of the health care team. Nursing practices include health promotion, disease prevention, and health care.
In addition to providing equal and proper nursing care to every patient at Erfan Niayesh Hospital, additional nursing services could also be provided either at the hospital level (a private nurse will always be at your bedside during your stay at the hospital) or at home (after discharge from the hospital) on a private and full-time basis.
These services are designed to address the needs of patients in hospitals and homes and therefore are developed to give fair coverage and services to all of our patients with a focus on delivering health care services that facilitate a nursing strategy.
Therefore, in this regard, private nurse consultations in the hospital, as well as private nursing home care services, are provided to all applicants and then, if you wish to receive these services, private nursing services will be provided to you.
Main Goals
Improving the quality of specialized nursing care services Improving the level of patients safety Improving the satisfaction level of patients and companions Patients can also be in touch with the hospital and also their treating physicians even after discharge Relax and reduce discomfort for patients and companions Continuous and integrated patient care during the hospitalization and after discharge from the hospital All of these services are offered by the staff of the Erfan Niayesh Hospital.
Private nursing care
24-hour advanced nursing care in the hospital on a basis.
24-hour advanced nursing care at home
24-hour advanced nursing care in the hospital and at home
24-hour medical services to patients, the elderly, and children in the hospital
24-hour medical services to patients, the elderly, and children at home
Provide all paraclinical care to patients at home (physiotherapy, laboratory, radiology, speech therapy, etc.)
The request for advanced health care services and private nursing will be as follows:
A written request from either the patient or companion to receive advanced medical services and care from a private nurse
The treating physician must also accept the request for advanced nursing care.
The head nurse or shift manager will inform the patient
The supervisor will be informed by the head nurse or the shift manager
The responsible supervisor will be notified
The supervisor in charge will make the appropriate arrangements with the patient and provide the necessary explanations.

Our goal is to improve the quality and safety of nursing services and to satisfy our dear patients.

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