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Advanced Cardiac Surgery Center
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Advanced Cardiac Surgery Center

Manager: Dr. Seyed Khalil Forouzannia (more information) We Offer The Best Services for Everyone


Advanced Cardiac Surgery Center

We Offer The Best Services for Everyone

The Erfan Niayesh Advanced Cardiac Surgery Center was founded in 2020 by Dr. Seyed Khalil Forouzannia to provide high-quality services of cardiac surgery.


Dr. Khalil Forouzannia:

  • Cardiovascular surgeon

  • Heart and Lung Transplantation Fellowship from the United Kingdom 

  • Robotic Surgery degree from the European Society of Cardiac Surgeons 

  • Associate Professor, University of Tehran


Dr. Forouzannia has conducted nearly 20,000 surgeries, including the following:

  • Coronary artery surgery (with or without pump method)

  • Repair or replace heart valves (open surgery)

  • Heart valve replacement (Transcatheter aortic valve implantation) TAVI

  • Aortic surgery

  • Endovascular Surgery

  • Surgery for congenital heart diseases

  • Cardiac Re-operations

  • Cardiac tumors

  • Heart transplant surgery 



Treatment Team


Cardiacteam 2


Cardiac surgery ward:

This ward is designed to prepare patients for surgery.


Cardiac surgery operating rooms:

There are two operating rooms in this center that are equipped with modern facilities and are ready for any type of cardiac surgery.


Cardiac Surgery ICU: 

This unit is located next to the operating room which is equipped with an isolation room, invasive monitoring, as well as high-quality services of experienced personnel who are operating under the supervision of a cardiac anesthesiologist and also under the direct supervision of a cardiac surgeon.


Post Cardiac Surgery ICU: 

Following the cardiac surgery, patients will be transferred to this unit which operates under the direction of an experienced cardiovascular surgeon as well as professional nurses. Besides, admitted patients are provided with postoperative training.



The clinic is located in a peaceful and luxurious environment and appointments are available through the online booking system.


For further information please visit:

Advanced Cardiac Surgery Clinic


Routine, complex, and challenging cardiac surgeries are conducted at this center with the latest technology in the world:

  • Routine heart surgeries for adults: Coronary artery bypass graft surgery, valve replacement, and repair, etc.

  • Adults with congenital heart disease

  • Aortic surgery

  • Coronary artery surgery without the use of a heart-lung machine

  • Cardiac re-operations 

  • Less invasive heart surgery

  • Replacement of the heart valve via the non-surgical method (TAVI)


Postoperative care
  • Postoperative care:

Patients are normally transferred to ICU OH after cardiac surgery, where experienced physicians and professional nurses provide patients with the required treatment, care, and instructions. Patients will also receive step-by-step instructions for simple exercises from a physiotherapist at this center. The physiotherapist will arrange appointments for you if you need more physiotherapy sessions to get back to your daily life faster.


  • Postoperative care after discharge:

A special booklet will be given to patients in order to provide detailed information about the performed surgery and 24-hour support is also provided through the online clinic.

Future Perspectives

The goal of this center is to provide patients with advanced methods of cardiac surgery, such as robotic surgery, in the near future. This procedure is less invasive and benefits patients with fewer side effects and faster recovery time. The availability of remote surgery is another reason for following this goal.


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