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Manager: Dr. Shahriyar Mohammadi (more information)
Head Nurse: Mr. Mohammad Javad Aboutalebi

The Emergency unit of Erfan Niayesh Hospital with modern equipment and up-to-date knowledge of emergency medicine provides 24-hour diagnostic and treatment services for patients including emergency or non-emergency patients.

Resident physicians in a variety of specialty and subspecialty fields such as general and emergency medicine, internal, pediatrics, infants, cardiology, surgery, anesthesia, and gynecology are ready to provide 24-hour high-quality services. In some cases, additional expertise is also needed and on-call physicians are available to provide advanced care and treatment in this regard. Besides, the emergency unit of this hospital provides 24-hour ambulance services.

The emergency unit is designed to provide efficient and convenient access to several units such as laboratory, radiology, MRI, endoscopy, dialysis, radiotherapy, and operating rooms, and emergency admission is also available to ease the process of admission for emergency patients.

The emergency unit includes several sections such as triage (patient prioritization), resuscitation room (CPR) with advanced technology, pediatric and adult examination room, injection and bandage section, adhesive bandage(medical plaster) room, medical care rooms for men and women, equipped outpatient emergency room with a fully sterile environment and modern equipment, isolated room with the possibility of disinfection and to quarantine infectious patients with contagious diseases (equipped with a negative pressure system), isolated psychiatric section (with comfortable and safe facilities), intensive medical care room (equipped with a monitoring system and advanced artificial respiration equipment to monitor critically ill patients under the supervision of a resident anesthesiologist prior to admission to the intensive care units).
Other services of the emergency unit are as follows:
  • Pre-hospital triage to distinguish infectious patients from other patients
  • Refers patients to the relevant medical care unit
  • Providing services for people injured in accidents (such as car accidents or falls from heights)
  • Providing services related to internal emergency surgeries such as acute abdomen, pancreatitis and asthma attacks, etc.
  • Admission of cardiovascular patients such as myocardial infarction, aortic aneurysm, and angina pectoris
  • Providing emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation services for cardiac arrest and utilizing cardiac aid devices such as pacemakers and IABP
  • If all the beds are occupied, we will attempt to get an admission from other medical centers for emergency patients.
  • Perform emergency and small surgeries such as suturing wounds and circumcision
  • Providing services for children
  • Providing services to outpatients (clinics and emergencies): Serum and blood transfusions, Foley catheter, bandage change, ECG, injections, orthopedic services such as orthopedic casting, pin removal,  removal of orthopedic casts, catheterization
Contact Numbers:  +982149796079 and +982149796078
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