Services / Units / Intensive Care Units / ICU G


Manager: Dr. Vali Montazeri (more information)
Head Nurse: Mrs. Elham Kiomarsi

The ICU-G unit has 12 beds including the two beds in isolated rooms. The ICU-G beds are multi-fold and have a bedside that can be conveniently modified to give the patient different positions. Every bed is equipped with a wavy mattress, cardiac, pulmonary, compression, and ventilation monitoring device in the form of a pendant that is connected to central oxygen, central suction, 3 pump syringes, etc.
This unit is managed by an anesthesiologist who is always present in the hospital as well as a team of professional nurses.
The facilities and equipment of this unit are as follows:
  • Portable ultrasound machine
  • Portable medical photography device
  • Portable hemodialysis machine
  • Central monitor located in the nursing station to monitor all of the patients
  • Visit of a clinical pharmacologist
  • Physiotherapy for patients by the physiotherapy team
  • Nutrition of patients under the supervision of a nutritionist
  • A bath equipped with a special bathing stretcher as well as the arrangement of bathing patients by a nurse and with the help of an assistant
Patients with disorders of consciousness due to systemic causes, cerebral and hemodynamic disorders, drug poisoning, respiratory disorders, airway support and mechanical ventilation, advanced cancers, acute gastrointestinal bleeding, and sepsis, require precise monitoring and advanced care, and this unit is ready to provide high-quality services in this regard.


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