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Hematology and Oncology

Manager: Dr. Mohammad Vaezi (more information)

The Erfan Niayesh Subspecialty Group of Hematology and Oncology with the most experienced physicians in this field provides outpatient and inpatient services. Physicians in this group can accurately diagnose a wide range of blood disorders and cancers with reliable and up-to-date diagnostic methods.


The most important diseases diagnosed and treated in this field:

  • Various types of genetic, congenital, autoimmune, or acquired anemia 
  • Various types of coagulation and congenital or inherited bleeding disorders 
  • Various types of blood malignancies and cancers that start in internal organs
  • Various types of congenital enzyme defect, including favism 
  • Various types of white blood cell disorders


Diagnostic and therapeutic methods:

  • Transfusions of blood and blood products 
  • Preparation of chemotherapy medicines 
  • Simple or compound chemotherapy (Inpatient-based or outpatient-based)
  • Hormone and immunotherapy 
  • Biopsy of bone marrow 
  • Spinal fluid Test
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