Providing the best diagnostic
and therapeutic services for you

Our priority;


Modern equipment and knowledge

Experienced specialists

Professional, committed, and compassionate nursing

Environment in accordance with international standards


Helping you

to get on with life




Erfan Niayesh hospital is proud to offer all diagnostic and therapeutic services which patients need by using the state-of-the-art technologies in a full equipped subspecialty departments.


Erfan Niayesh hospital is ready to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services in accordance with the highest international standards in an efficient environment with experts and modern equipment.


Erfan Niayesh hospital admits all outpatients and inpatients from Iran and abroad and provides all necessary facilities to ease the procedures of admission, hospitalization, and discharge.

International Patient Department (IPD)

Admission of International Patients

You can get all information about coordination for departure to Iran and admission your patient in Erfan Niayesh hospital here.

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Contact IPD

You can get all information about online ways to communicate with the international patient department in Erfan Niayesh hospital here.

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