Discharge and Medical Records

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Discharge and Medical Records

Manager: Mr. Farshid Jazi

Contact Numbers:49796283 
* This section is responsible for the Billing and Financial Services of patients who are being discharged.

Dear Patients,

The Patient's Bill is issued only once.
Please note that insurance providers do not accept duplicate/copies versions of your Patient Bill.


  • You will be able to receive your documents 10 days after your payment:
  1. Please call us on: 49796388 - 49796278 and make the necessary arrangements
  2. You can receive your documents between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. with your original patient's bill


  • Please feel free to ask the Medical Records Unit for a list of exclusions that are not covered under a medical insurance plan.

The Cash Register and Payment Unit of Erfan Niayesh Hospital is the only unit authorized to charge customers.
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