Medical Facilities / Units / Intensive Care Units / CATH LAB


Manager: Dr. Jamshid Aydanlou (more information)
Head Nurse: Mrs. Elahe Mohammad

Several procedures such as angiography (diagnosis) and angioplasty (treatment) of the heart, brain, kidneys, arteries of the legs, etc. are conducted in this unit by employing a modern and unique angiography system. Following the diagnosis of clogged arteries, special medicines and diets are provided to the patient and, with the recommendation of the interventional cardiologist, angioplasty is conducted using a balloon (short-term relief) or stent (long-term relief).

In addition to the angiography device, there are other required types of equipment including ECO device, ECG device, and ECT device (to measure blood coagulation time and its dilution rate) which are among the most modern devices available in the world. 

Angio-operation is one of the top characteristics of this unit. This procedure is performed through hand instead of the femoral artery, which improves the recovery time for patients but is not very common in other centers due to its specialization.

There are also a variety of modern balloons and stents available at this center and, depending on the condition of the patient, such as age, diabetes, and other conditions a perfect type will be chosen for each patient exclusively and this also applies to the Guide Wire and catheters. The angiography unit with low-stress environment is designed to provide high-quality services in a peaceful environment to patients, and a proper ventilation system for this unit is also considered.

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