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Orthopedic Surgery

Manager: Dr. Afshin Taheriazam (more information)

The Erfan Niayesh Specialty Group of Orthopedic Surgery with the best specialists and sub-specialists in this field provides essential services to outpatients and inpatients. Professional personnel and advanced equipment in the physiotherapy, medical photography, and radiotherapy units of this hospital have significantly contributed to improving the diagnosis, effective care, and better recovery for orthopedic patients.
Joint replacement surgeries
Joint replacement surgery is one of the most critical types of orthopedic surgery because the quality of these operations affects the quality of life for patients. Hip replacement surgery is a commonly known example of these types of operations. 
The most difficult and complex pelvic joint replacement and revision procedures (correction and reimplantation) for pelvic prosthesis are performed with the highest possible results in the Erfan Niayesh Hospital. The knee and other joint replacement procedures are also conducted by using the latest intraoperative and prosthetic technology in the world. 
Other orthopedic surgeries:
  • Fracture repair surgery in various parts of the limbs, pelvis, and acetabulum with the repair of tendon and ligament rupture and peripheral nerve damage 
  • Arthroscopic joint surgery to repair ligaments and other intra-articular lesions 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) 
  • Surgery for various spine disorders 
  • Surgery to correct limb abnormalities and deformities 
  • Surgery of bone tumors and limb joints 
  • Amputation surgery in cases of gangrene and serious organ infection
The Subspecialties related to the orthopedic group:
  • Hip
  • Shoulder
  • Ankle
  • Hand 

Orthopedic Surgery Videos
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