Anesthesia Department

Anesthesia Department

The Anesthesiology Department of Erfan Niayesh Hospital, managed by Dr. Mohammad Rezvan Nobahar, responds to all treatment requests on a 24-h basis in all hospital wards, operating rooms and the intensive care units.

Anesthesiology department works in the following fields:
•    General Anesthesia
•    Cardiovascular Anesthesia
•    Intensive Care Unit Anesthesia (Intensivist)
•    Pain (Pain Specialist)

The anesthesiology group of Erfan Niayesh Hospital provides services in the following environments:
•    11 operating rooms in the central space
•    2 gynecological surgery rooms
•    1 IVF operating room
•    2 endoscopic operating rooms
•    1 emergency operating room
•    Intensive care units

The anesthesiologists and pain and ICU fellowships cover all of the hospital wards, operating rooms, and intensive care units  on a 24-h basis and are ready to provide specialty services at the request of different medical teams, including visits, consultation, analgesia, and sedation of the patients in MRI, CT, wards, etc.
The operating rooms are equipped with modern 2016 German made Leon Plus anesthesia machines and cardiopulmonary monitoring systems (that consists of cardiogram, modern capnograph, pulse oximetry, etc).manufactured by Pooyandegan Rah Saadat in Iran. Each operating room has at least 3 Argus perfusion pumps which are made in Switzerland. All of the aforementioned equipment are installed on the ceiling by the Pendle system with a 180-degree rotation capability.
All ICU beds are under the supervision and control of anesthesiologists involved in the treatment.

In the central operating room, the anesthesiology group enjoys a dedicated room equipped with central and visible monitoring, in order to be able to assess all parameters of the patients during surgery.
In order to facilitate the contact between the anesthesiology technicians and the anesthesiologists during surgical operations, the special Pager bracelet system is provided to them.
The anesthesiology group enjoys the most advanced monitoring devices and equipment which are used in intensive care units and the operating room, including:

•    Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring
•    Sonography
•    Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Monitoring (NICOM)
•    Fiberoptic Bronchoscope
•    Vascular Monitor
•    Warmer (Warm Touch)


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Erfan Niayesh Hospital with its experienced doctors and modern equipment is ready to provide care and treatment services in accordance with excellent international standards in a dynamic and efficient environment.

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