Erfan Niayesh Hospital Clinic

Erfan Niayesh Hospital Clinic


The Erfan Niayesh Hospital Clinic has established on 2016. Currently, over 150 of the most renowned university professors collaborate with this clinic. The valuable characteristic of this clinic is its multi-specialty. The Erfan Niayesh Hospital Clinic provides the best medical services using the most advanced up-to-date technologies in the fields of diagnosis and treatment.

Specialty felids and medical services in the clinic include the following:

1.    Oncology
2.    Dentistry
3.    Ophthalmology
4.    Orthopedics
5.    Gynecology and obstetrics
6.    Plastic and reconstructive surgery
7.    ENT
8.    Echocardiography
9.    Exercise stress test
10.    Urology
11.    Internal medicine
12.    Gastroenterology
13.    Occupational medicine
14.    Nephrology
15.    Pediatrics
16.    Dermatology
17.    Hepatology
18.    Audiometry
19.    Ulcer and ostomy
20.    Sleep medicine
21.    Vascular surgery
22.    Pain medicine
23.    General surgery
24.    Psychiatry
25.    Nutrition
26.    Endocrinology
27.    Infectious diseases
28.    Cardiology
29.    Neurology
30.    Pulmonology
31.    Optometry
32.    Neurosurgery
33.    Psychology
34.    Long-term monitoring (LTM


About Erfan Niayesh Hospital

Erfan Niayesh Hospital with its experienced doctors and modern equipment is ready to provide care and treatment services in accordance with excellent international standards in a dynamic and efficient environment.

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  • Address: Erfan Niayesh Hospital, No. 17, Bahar Intersection, Imam Hossein St., After Kabiri Tameh Blvd., East Niayesh Highway.
  • Tell: (+9821) 49796000
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