Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Group

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Group of Erfan Niayesh Hospital is a very large complex prepared to provide the dear costumers with inpatient and outpatient services. Inpatient therapeutic services are provided by our physiotherapists on the patient's bed.
Outpatient services are provided in the physiotherapy unit, technical orthopedics unit, and speech therapy and dysphagia treatment unit.

Physiotherapy clinic enjoys the electrotherapy cabins and also the most advanced devices including:

1- Full electrotherapy (treatment of skeletal and muscular problems, arthritis, lumbar and cervical discs, etc.)
2- Low and high power lasers (treatment of back pain, different types of pain, and acute and chronic inflammations)
3- Magnet therapy (treatment of joint lesions, radicular pains, neuropathies, etc.)
4- Biofeedback (Treatment of pelvic floor muscle weakness before and after delivery, fecal and urinary incontinence)

5- Shockwave therapy (treatment of heel spur and plantar fasciitis, calcium deposit, shoulder pains, etc.)
6 - Mechanotherapy (the most advanced medical equipment for lesions occurred in sports for highly professional athletes): the first and the only center with the most advanced rehabilitation devices called Kineo for highly professional athletes.
7. Physiotherapy services at home (due to inability of many patients to visit physiotherapy clinic): providing physiotherapy services for patients suffering from fractures, stroke, neuromuscular disorders, and those who had all types of surgeries

There is a highly advanced environment in this department with expert staff to host the patients and guests.


Urinary incontinence and biofeedback in women

Treatment of the incontinence by biofeedback is based on a wide range of research studies carried out in the National Institutes of Health in America, which showed that symptoms of urinary incontinence reduced between 75% to 80% on average. Biofeedback used in treatment of the urinary incontinence help you to learn how to control, strengthen and energize the pelvic muscles which play an important role in the bladder control. This treatment can help the patients suffering from stress urinary incontinence whose muscles are not able to resist pressure caused by actions such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, and lifting objects and thus cause bladder to empty. Biofeedback is also useful in the treatment of urge incontinence. In this type of incontinence, the patient consequently experiences a sudden and strong need for urination. In both cases, the biofeedback will train you to strengthen the specific muscle groups that you need them to control your urine. Studies show that biofeedback can reduce urinary incontinence and improve bladder control in 94% of cases.

Physiotherapy of the hospitalized patients by the specialist physiotherapists is the most important aspect of physiotherapy in these patients. The physiotherapy unit is a therapeutic team which consists of specialist physiotherapists in the fields of orthopedics, rheumatology, psychology, neurology, sports medicine and gynecology and is ready to provide the highest quality services to all the patients. Due to the high number of orthopedic and neurological surgeries in this subspecialty hospital, a group of the most experienced physiotherapists are ready to provide the highest standard of service to all patients.

Technical orthopedics unit

This unit using the up-to-date equipment and employing academic specialists, is a science-based unit which is one of the best technical orthopedics units in Iran and produces orthoses for hospitalized and non-hospitalized patients. This center produces the newest therapeutic insoles.


Speech therapy and treatment of dysphagia

This unit has a scientific approach and enjoys its specialists and the most advanced equipment for treatment of swallowing disorders, speech therapy, and stroboscopy in hospitalized and non-hospitalized patients.




About Erfan Niayesh Hospital

Erfan Niayesh Hospital with its experienced doctors and modern equipment is ready to provide care and treatment services in accordance with excellent international standards in a dynamic and efficient environment.

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